Truth Works


Back in September of 1965, as a freshman at Austin College in Sherman, Texas USA, I was quite perplexed to know the meaning of life. None of my professors, textbooks, dorm buddies, songwriting heroes, or extracurricular readings could give me a satisfactory answer. My parents, my minister, my best friend - all of my mentors had failed me. No one around me even seemed to think it was a question worth asking, what to speak of finding out the answer. Everyone was content to go for material success. From a material point of view I was doing fine. My grades, my academic marks, were high enough to earn me a place on the Austin College Dean's List for academically advanced students. But there was a void in my heart because I didn't know who I am and what the purpose of my existence is. After two years of liberal arts studies, my academic advisor told me that now I had to choose a major field of study for earning my degree. But in my condition, choosing a major did not make any sense. I was thinking: "How can I choose a major when I don't even know the purpose of my existence? Without this knowledge choosing a major is irrelevant. Why should I work so hard to make good grades, to get a good degree, to get a good job, to get a good car, a good house, a good wife, some good kids, and a good retirement - simply to get a good velvet-lined coffin for being buried six feet under the ground and to get some good flowers on my grave once a year until people forget about me? There's got to be more to life than this! It just couldn't be this bleak!"