Tree Magick Oracle Deck


Discover 52 magical messages for inspirational wisdom in this beautiful tree-themed book and card boxed set.

In folklore, trees are the homes of supernatural spirits, nymphs and elemental divinities. In mystic tradition, the ‘tree of life’ holds the key to the secrets of all heaven and earth. 

The Tree Magick Oracle presents 52 enchanting tree messages that you can choose each day for inspiration and guidance. The messages are divided into two suits to mirror the light and shade of the forest. The Earth-suit trees, rooted in practicality, warn of confusion or entanglement. The Heaven-suit trees, whose branches stretch to the sky, bring messages of hope and spirituality. As in life, the messages of the trees reflect the challenges we face and offer enlightenment for every situation.

The accompanying book shows how to use the cards as affirmations and includes six layouts to work with the cards for meditation or future prediction.