The Young Witch's Guide Magick


Age range 12+

Young would-be witches will find answers to their life questions in this comprehensive, beautifully illustrated introduction to magick.

Welcome to witch school, where renowned author Cassandra Eason teaches her magickal secrets!

In this introduction geared especially to young adults, Eason targets teen issues like figuring out a future career path, dealing with bullies, changing bad luck, building self-confidence, and handling problems at school. Her spells use astrology, candles, crystals, colors, flowers, and moon power, and she also explores coven rituals and seasonal celebrations. Whether you're trying to get your crush's attention, pass your driver's test, or simply let your natural beauty shine through, you'll find the path to making your world better and your dreams come true.

Here are spells to help you:

Pass a tough test: use six dice, a photo of yourself looking happy, and dried mint for luck in a drawstring bag.
Relieve shyness and anxiety about moving or changing schools: Put a green plant on your altar, along with ribbons and small bells.
Follow your dream: go outdoors and shoot power into the cosmos by blowing bubbles.
Prevent nosy siblings from messing with your private things by creating a fragrant psychic barrier.
Call people back into your life with a beeswax candle.

Also: learn how to choose your witch name, set up an altar, make a spell book, and more!