The Untamed Elemental


Unlock cosmic truths, channel your intuition, and align yourself with the natural wisdom of the earth with this strikingly original oracle deck from celebrated abstract artist Tasya van Ree, featuring 52 bold representations of animals and earth elements.

Inspired by the elementsof MotherEarth, each cardreveals an opportunityfor self-discovery,awakening, anda celebration ofthe mysteryand wonderof life. Organized by the five elements--Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether--this deck invites youinto a sacred ritualto connectyour body, mind,and spiritto the rhythm of the seasons and offersinsightful ways to bring imbalances into a state of healing and wholeness.

The Untamed Elemental box contains-
. 52 colour cards with original modernist abstract designs by Tasyavan Reealong with explanations and contemplative practices for each element
. A color instructional booklet with information on how to integrate the deck into your dailylife
. A beautifully designed box for storage with ribbon lift for the cardsand magnetic enclosure

Meditate onthe Moon card for devotion, stability, and immortality. Drawthe Wolf card to awaken your wildness, maternal power, andwill tosurvive. Orcontemplatethe Storm card, whichconnects you to yourability to be resilient in the face of transition. Your soul knows the way already. Allow The Untamed Elemental to be your guide.