The Shaman's Quest


The shaman is an enigmatic figure - a healer, magician and visionary who moves between the everyday
world and the realm of gods and spirits. "The Shamans Quest" describes the spiritual journeys of four
shamans from different corners of the world - the arctic snows of Canada, the central Australian desert,
the sacred mountains of Japan, and the forests of north-western South America.

From the North comes a tale of the Inuit shaman Enoyuk and his magical adventures with different gods
and spirit-helpers. In the South we enter the world of the Aboriginal elder Kalu, with his sacred desert
Dreamings, and in the East we meet Saimei, a Japanese shamaness who lives in a world of kami spirits.
And in the West we encounter Baiya, a shaman from the Amazonian forest who undertakes visionary
journeys so he may perform tasks of spiritual healing. In "The Shamans Quest" these four shamans
finally come together at the mythic centre of the world, and it is a very special purpose which has
brought them here - for they have come to witness the healing of the Earth. Exploring universal
themes of spiritual renewal, "The Shamans Quest" shows us how we can find the Great Song of Life and
learn to value the sacred qualities of Nature and the Universe.