The Parables of Kryon


Kryon is a gentle, loving entity who is currently on the earth to help us move into the high energy of what we call our "new age". Translated in live sessions by Lee Carroll, the inspired words of Kryon have changed lives and brought love and light into some of the darkest places of our inner being.

The definition of a parable is that of a simple story used to illustrate a lesson or moral. In the case of the Kryon parables the stories are simple - even childlike - and sometimes their real meaning is only clear after repeated examination.

The parables, or "journeys", in this wonderful book relate to individual human beings and how they react in specific circumstances. Kryon speaks of new gifts from God and relates good news for the future. You'll find this work to be an inspiring and moving adventure that will take you to places in your mind and soul that you had only imagined.