The Inner Light


Eastern teachings – Yoga, Buddhism, Tantra, martial arts, and so on – have become extremely popular in the West here in the early 21st century. What is less well known, however, is the Yoga of the West – the Western Esoteric Tradition. This tradition includes such powerful teachings as spiritual alchemy, the Kabbalah, the tarot, sacred geometry, sex magick, high magic, and thaumaturgy (the art of manifestation). In addition, the entire field of Western spiritual psychology – everything from the work of Jung, Assagioli, A Course in Miracles, the Enneagram, and Ken Wilber’s teachings – are part of the modern leading edge of the Western esoteric tradition. The Inner Light: Self-Realization via the Western Esoteric Tradition, provides a comprehensive manual of history, theory and practice to enable either the newcomer to spiritual work, or the more seasoned traveler of the path, to advance in their inner development and outer success in life. It contains cutting-edge information from modern psychology, in combination with the old and potent teachings of Western esoterica.