The Heart's Note


The Heart Speaks shares powerful insights into the knowledge of the heart as the seat of the soul, and how a practical daily application of loving can create answers to the myriad problems we find ourselves facing at this time of vast planetary change, whether this be as a result of economic hardship, climate change, our relationships, our health or our career. The intention of the book is to take us back to the heart, that fundamental aspect of our physiology where we may rediscover the true inner peace with which we were born. The book shows us how we may experience harmony and love, with which we may make our lives more peaceful and fulfilling.

The information shared is garnered from the direct experience of Stewart Pearce as a scholar and teacher, who has pioneered Sound Healing for over twenty years as well as Voice Coaching household names, and provides the reader with an opportunity to experience the inspirational, uplifting and empowering teaching models that characterize his personal appearances. Stewart reveals with purity and precision that love is not a mere sentiment, but the ultimate truth at the heart of creation What makes this book special? The Heart Speaks illuminates the conviction of love, and how the heart is the seat of the soul. The book is to enchant, uplift and encourage heart consciousness to be open in our midst, to assist the many personal and planetary alignments proposed for 2012, and to reveal the substantial teaching revealed in the empowered teachings that characterize Stewart’s many personal appearances.