Sunstone Tumbled Stones


Tumbled Sunstone ~ indiviually sold, one stone each order 

Sunstone is the stone of Happiness!

Use Sunstone to bring joy, happiness and lightness to your self and your life

Wonderful to use when feeling low, depressed, during winter for seasonal affective disorder, and for periods of darkness. Sunstone helps bring the light to your soul and your auric field. 

Invokes personal power, strength and even abundance as it increases your vitality and fire within. 

Energises the second Sacral and third Solar Plexus Chakras, and can also assist in seeing the highest path to take when meditating with Sunstone on the Third Eye  if you need direction.

Affirmation: I am safe in my power, and I light the Fire of my Divinity within. I relish my vitality and share my abundnace with freedom and strength.