Seachange @ Work


Seachange @ Work takes ancient wisdom and energy techniques to the business world in a way that workers, managers and executives can understand and use to make positive changes for their personal wellbeing and the health of the business itself. Just small adjustments can bring authentic, positive change and increased energy to your working day and beyond. Learn how to: - Enhance the positive energy in your workplace and reduce any negative energy. - Discover what drains and what increases your energy level. - Understanding how your subtle energy system (chakras, auric field) is impacted each working day. - Reduce stress of peak hour travel. - Gain fresh insight into 'The Energy of the Business' - Understand your challenging work colleagues, and why you feel great around some people and energy drained around others. - Discover the positive effects of colour in your day and why you shouldn't wear a black outfit every day. - Use essential oils, room sprays, gemstones and crystals in the workplace. - Appreciate the importance of being your authentic self at work and play. - Create your ideal working day by understanding the power of intention and the law of attraction. While working in the corporate world the more Linda learnt about energy healing and spiritual wisdom, the more she discovered that she wanted to incorporate it into her working day. She found that we can experience our working day in a more positive and energised way. Linda Mary James is a certified Energy Healer, Holistic Counsellor, Transformational Life Coach, writer and teacher of inspirational courses.