Rise of The Witch: Making Magick Happen Your Way


More Than Just A How-to Guide To The Craft, Rise Of The Witch Is A Deep Exploration Of The Inner Workings Of Witchcraft And Your Integral Role In Creating Magick. This Remarkable Book Covers The Basics And More Advanced Topics, Taking You From The History Of The Craft To The Elements To The Witch’s Tools And Everywhere In Between. You’ll Work With Spells, Harness Powerful Energies, And Uncover Your Magickal Purpose. Rise Of The Witch Shows You How To Build A Practice That Is Unique To You. Author Whiskey Stevens Doesn’t Shy Away From Subjects Like Sex Magick And Shadow Work, And She Empowers Those Who Are Hesitant To Come Out As Witches Or Who Need To Keep Their Practice Secret. This Practical Book Also Helps You Explore Tarot, Meditation, Sacred Space, And More.