Relations Of A Melchizedek Initiate


This book traces the author's journey of ascension through the seven levels of initiation, through the process of anchoring and activating his fifty chakras, expanding to a 99-percent light quotient, then on to anchoring and fully activating all twelve bodies, which include the five higher bodies. Exactly how this is done is shared, and in-depth information is given on the workings of the inner-plane ashram under the guidance of Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya and Lord Melchizedek. 

You are invited to journey with Stone as he unfolds the process of his initiations, beginning at the sixth, moving through the equivalent of the tenth intiation and into the beginning of the eleventh. Written as a personal log, this book shares, in an open and candid manner, dreams, meditations, conversations with the masters, spiritual background, thoughts and reflections, and actual ascension experiences.