Reconnecting To The Earth


Reconnecting to the Earth is a wake up call for anyone who is feeling that there is something not quite right with our world. Our all-consuming industrial civilization has led us down a destructive path that has compromised our soil, food, water, and atmosphere. While it seems our modern society does not need or want to connect to the natural world, there is a deep fundamental sustenance that comes from being nourished and inspired by nature. Reconnecting to the Earth is a guidebook for individuals who have begun to comprehend the extent to which we have damaged the Earth and have started to recognize the consequences for ourselves, for our society, and for all of life as we know it. It is a tool to help us remember that we are not separate from the Earth. It offers concrete suggestions to assist in reestablishing our relationship to nature and offers respite to those overwhelmed by a society that has lost the ability to recognize the harm that is being done to our world by providing a framework for changing our way of relating to the natural world. It enables us to reconnect with not only the Earth, but ourselves as well. It is a path that leads away from the darkness of the economic, social, moral and environmental crises that are upon us and leads towards something more deeply spiritual and fulfilling.