Reaching Beyond The Dream Hardcover


While some years have passed since the events that gave rise to the writing of this book occurred, the resultant expansion of consciousness for Angelica and Terence Atman has never ceased. This expansion did not occur due to a miraculous or spontaneous awakening; rather it was a gradual progression in response to a strong personal desire and commitment to truth. By what they now have become, they demonstrate the principles they teach and inspire others to live a truly happy and fulfilling life. Mankind is engaged in an eternal quest for happiness. He wants fulfilling relationships, prosperity and deeper wisdom. But until he comes to know himself and aligns his belief patterns and attitudes with what he truly desires, he will continue to be disappointed and sabotage his efforts and end up suffering. With inspiration and enthusiasm, the authors masterfully deliver detailed explanations and instructions on how to free the mind from false perceptions and misaligned beliefs. They also provide clear guidelines to raise an unfulfilling relationship to a state of Divine Union. Furthermore, they show how to move beyond the illusions of this world into a state of Self -realisation. Each chapter builds upon the previous to create a comprehensive curriculum for true happiness. The reader is guided toward a permanent shift in conscious awareness, which brings about a profound healing of mind and heart. Replace sadness with joy, illness with health, guilt with forgiveness and fear with confidence, but most of all, ignorance with wisdom. Reaching Beyond the Dream is especially for those that are ready to be more connected, loving and joyous. And, by demonstration of their own life contribute to the betterment of all mankind.