Nuggets Of Wisdom


Therapist Approved card deck for people with Anxiety

This 45 card deck is based on the author’s lived experience with anxiety. Each card holds a thoughtful affirmation or supportive practice intended to calm and nurture. The reverse contain beautiful abstract artworks created especially for this deck by Australian Artist, Bronwen Kate.

Every deck includes a guidebook featuring meditation script, suggestions on how to use the cards, and other helpful resources.

Author - Kristie Vasili

Artist - Bronwen Kate



• 45 Affirmation Cards with supportive messages & bright abstract artworks
• Psychologist, Psychiatrist, GP, and School Counsellor approved
• Guidebook with gentle instructions on how to use the cards
• Gift wrapping included which makes the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one
• Cards printed on recycled paper because we care about sustainability

Each deck also includes a two piece hard-cover box. Size: 127mm x 89mm