Many Mansions Part 2


Taking up where Many Mansions left off, the book pursues the philosophical aspects of reincarnation evidenced in the life readings of world-renowned psychic, Edgar Cayce, as well as from data derived from experiments to determine whether human memory can be taken back to a period before birth. She touches on some of the people who believed in reincarnation—among them, Plato, Virgil, Emerson, Whitman and Edison. The implications of reincarnation for art, psychology, and religion are considered. She notes, in conclusion, the hope and promise that reincarnation holds for our troubled world. This is an important, heartening book, as interesting and credible as it is inspiring. Lucid, concrete, consistent, it will help individuals understand themselves and their destiny. To skeptics or believers, it offers a brave, fresh concept of the meaning of life.