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Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra Pendant Silver

Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra Pendant Silver


Sterling silver fine chain Necklace featuring engraved Solar Plexus Charka symbol and semi precious Carnelian Stone. Available in Sterling Silver or Gold finish with an adjustable length of 45cm.

The Manipura Necklace and the Solar Plexus Chakra ~ The Manipura necklace guides you to access a greater self-confidence and gain the clarity to manifest your dreams into the physical reality. Allow it to infuse you with the energy of the sun, pouring light into the hidden corners of our spiritual and physical being that need a good clear out and re-invigoration. It may be supportive of our gut health, and in our attempts to create abundance in our lives when we remain centred in gratitude. Wear this beautiful piece to remember to foster calm balance in your relationships and to shine your own light out into the world.

Veluna is handcrafted with carefully selected high grade gemstones. All gemstones are unique and may have slight variances in colour and characteristics from the shown image. To achieve the maximum potential from the healing powers of the gemstones, all stones go through an energy cleansing and activation process.