Magickal Tarot Guidebook & Deck


Written by @TiredWitch creator Robyn Valentine, The Magickal Tarot Guidebook and Deck combines a 160-page book with a newly created tarot deck inspired by the Rider-Waite to help you tap into the energy of the cards for manifesting and amplifying desired outcomes in spells and rituals.

Tap into the energy and archetypes of the Major Arcana for manifesting and amplifying desired outcomes with The Magickal Tarot Guidebook and Deck, a unique approach to tarot that includes a newly commissioned deck designed in the style of the iconic Rider-Waite.

Tarot is a powerful tool for divination. Its magick, however, goes far beyond fortune-telling and prediction. Tarot cards represent situations we experience as we progress through the journey of life, with each card holding specific messages of perspective and guidance. Each individual tarot card holds rich symbolism that is imbued with energy and vibration. That energy can be applied to nearly all forms of manifestation, thus making your tarot deck a powerful magickal tool you can use to invoke specific outcomes in spells and ritual work. In the 160-page book accompanying your tarot deck, you'll learn the specific manifestation focus of each Major Arcana card as well as spells and rituals that align with each card:

- Use the Magician for confidence and glamour magick
- Use the High Priestess to assist in dreamwork and divination
- Use the Empress to support fertility and grounding of your creative projects
- Use the Emperor to aid in receiving a promotion or professional success

After learning more about each Major Arcana card, use the full tarot deck included in this kit as your own magickal tool!