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Jaali Bangle Gold Blush

Jaali Bangle Gold Blush


Release your inner goddess with this beautifully handcrafted bangle. Designed to be stacked for maximum impact. Handmade in Sterling silver, 22k gold plate and inlaid with pale, pink blush enamel.

Royal Hamam’s Jaali Collection is a dreamy, exotic collection, which draws on historical architectural detailing and design, whilst reinterpreting these influences into contemporary, highly wearable jewellery designs.

A jaali, is the term for a perforated stone or lattice screen, seen throughout Northern Africa and India.

Working with enamel has been a new material exploration for Royal Hamam. The art of enamelling jewellery is an ancient one. The earliest archaeological finds from ancient Greece date from 1600 BC. Enamelling on metal, such as Sterling silver, is a process requiring temperatures in excess of 500 degrees centigrade which melts the enamel creating an impermeable bond, a smooth surface and brilliant colours.

For the launch of our Jaali Collection we have focused on three divine colours; rich midnight navy, the palest pink blush, and a luxurious, signature Royal Hamam turquoise.

The Jaali Collection includes some of our finest and most delicate of designs thus far, as well our signature statement earrings, showcasing Royal Hamam as an evolving, creative force.