Familial Integrity


"It is our sincere hope that this book will mark a turning point in the spiritual evolution of this planet and its restoration to the galactic lineage of nations to which you belong. Make no mistake, this book has the power to change lives -- and Earth history, if you will let it!"

-- The Sirian Council of 12 through Beverley Bright Star

Familial Integrity is a series of diverse, exciting stories designed to unlock hidden pathways within the reader to reawaken ancient knowledge buried deep within the group consciousness of humanity. These stories explore in depth the concept of familial integrity, the moral foundation for the inhabitants of many other advanced planets and higher dimensions. This idea does not limit itself to the conventionally conceived family unit, but instead promotes harmony within the entire Earth family. When you learn to see all of humanity as your brothers and sisters, you can no longer let anyone starve or deny them adequate food or housing. You cannot cheat, lie, and steal from anyone -- let alone kill them -- when you fully acknowledge them as your own flesh and blood, the family members they truly are.

This book outlines the necessary changes that humankind must make for the coming new age in practical ways that can be applied in our daily lives. When the principles of familial integrity are widely accepted, they will serve as a catalyst for global change among individuals and nations, bringing stability, peace, and love to the entire planet.