Exodus Silver Crystal Bracelet Tiger Eye & Lava


Tiger Eye is a stone that's all about assisting one to create courage and strength in themselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

Tiger's Eye is a powerful grounding stone, said to help create strength and courage by allowing you to feel a deep and powerful connection to the Earth 

By getting in touch with this lost connection, you can start to realise your full potential annd begin to move thrugh life with a strengthened sense of self and your place in the world

You might be drawn to this stone if this connection has been lost

It helps with making decisions, and discernment, allowing one to cut through the emotions which can cloud judgement

A wonderful stone for grounding, and helping to connect to your spirituality through the Earth's Connection, in particular for Healing

Lava Stone aids in the rebirthing period that may follow after tapping back into ones true sense of self and strength after working with this powerful ally

Short 18.5cm

Long 21.5cm