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Evren Ring Pale Pink

Evren Ring Pale Pink



The Evren Ring derives its name from the Turkish meaning of the ‘cosmos or the universe’. The way in which the half moon holds the Kundan pear shape in place is symbolic of the way in which the universe holds us all.

The Kari Collection is an exploration into the magical world of colour through enamel and technique of using Kundan; cut glass set in enamel and gold or silver. The chosen colours for the Kari Collection are a mix of vivid rich colours, such as hot pink and turquoise, as well as pale, delicate, ethereal colours, such as pale blush pink and eggshell blue. There truly is a colour for every woman, every moment, in the Kari Collection. Enamel in jewellery has been used as a technique dating as far back as the 13th century BC, and Kundan as an art form began in India in the early 16th Century.