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Evil Eye Vintage Floor Cushion Tangerine

Evil Eye Vintage Floor Cushion Tangerine


These Carpet Cushions are extra special!

Livin the 70’s Vibe

Bob Dylan Floor Cushion “Dylan”

Classic Beige & White Beni Ourain Blanc with flash of BlacK pattern

Jimmy Hendrix “Hendrix” Tangerine/Rich Burgandy Dusky Floor Cushion

Fuschia/Berry Janis Joplin “Joplin” Floor Cushion

Vintage “one of a kind pattern/colour each and every Cushion”

Washed in the Rivers of the Atlas Mountains, Handyed and left to dry overnight under the Stars to spiritually cleanse any negative energy...Keeping the Berber tradition alive..

Extra seating for guests, relaxing with a Book, meditation and just perfect for kids...

100% Wool

Sold unfilled...

Measurements: Approx: 60cm x 60cm

Floor Cushion firmness fill with old quilts/clothing

Zipper closure

Spot cleaning recommended/Dry Clean