Embodying The Divine Masculine Of All Truth


Embodying The Divine Masculine of All Truth through The High Priest will facilitate you to become a modern spiritual warrior seeking truth and creating a powerful new reality in your life! This book helps you to unlock your power by these important questions and processes: Are you ready to be a force of truth in our world? Why would your human journey not want a truth filled experience? Do you give power and discipline to everything in your life? Are you worthy to become a modern spiritual warrior? Are you ready to activate your hearts intelligence? Are you ready to release your attachments? Are you willing to really manifest and rip out your illusions about your creative masculine? Have you ever felt powerless in situations, relationship etc.? All Truth teaches you to give power back to yourself when you are fearful. In Part I: All Truth brings ancient sacred laws to you and these laws are invisible forces that bring power to your whole totality. Feeling this now brings you closer to the essence and heart of yourself. In Part II: The High Priest, Carmel Glenane helps you explore and take control of your creative masculine. The High Priest offers a practical guide to living powerfully, with truth, changing your definition of your current reality. Explore your creative masculine and discover your power. Allow yourself your truth through power to bring protection, power and love!

Carmel Glenane B.A. Dip. Ed., founder of Atlantis Rising Mystery School and Healing Center has studied esoteric and psychological disciplines since 1975. Carmel is a powerful, interactive, and dynamic motivational speaker. A channeled writer, esoteric teacher, and sought-after healer, Carmel is known for her transformative tours throughout sacred sites all over the world, sacred ceremonies, and powerful vortex gridding at these international destinations.