Distinguishing Phenomena From Their Intrinsic Nature


Outlining the difference between appearance and reality, this work shows that the path to awakening involves leaving behind the inaccurate and limiting beliefs we have about ourselves and the world around us and opening ourselves to the limitless potential of our true nature. By divesting the mind of confusion, the treatise explains, we see things as they actually are. This insight allows for the natural unfolding of compassion and wisdom.

According to tradition, Maitreya, the Buddha's regent, taught the root text of Distinguishing Phenomena from Their Intrinsic Nature to Asanga, who recorded the verses. The text is part of a larger collection of philosophical works that have become classics of the Indian Buddhist tradition. This volume includes commentaries by Khenpo Shenga and Ju Mipham, whose discussions illuminate the subtleties of the root text and provide valuable insight into the nature of reality and the process of  awakening. Khenpo Shenga and Ju Mipham were both among the most influential figures to come out of the Tibetan tradition in recent centuries. Their writings contributed tremendously to the flourishing of Buddhist philosophy and practice in Tibet.