Comfortable With Uncertainty


These are essential teachings for developing compassion and clarity amid the anxieties and hardships of real life. Collecting some of the most powerful passages from Pema's many beloved books, Comfortable with Uncertainty is a compact handbook for spiritual practice that's rich with inspiration and insight--and a perfect introduction to Pema's teachings. Here she explores essential concepts, themes, and practices drawn from the Buddhist tradition, showing how anyone (not just Buddhists) can draw from them to become more courageous, aware, and kindhearted. Topics include the benefits of meditation, mindfulness, letting go, and working directly with fear and other painful emotions. Over the course of the book, we learn how we can start to overcome the habitual patterns that so often hinder compassion for ourselves and others--and that hold us back from embracing our lives joyfully and fearlessly. To anyone who ever wanted to experience true freedom, these teachings are a shining light on the path.