Chakra Healing for Dogs


Keep your dog healthy, happy and contented by ensuring their chakras are balanced through massage, crystal work, color therapy and other healing modalities. 

Does your dog seem stressed or out of sorts, depressed or lacking in energy? Is he or she suddenly behaving badly or getting spooked easily? It could be that your animal friend's chakras need balancing.

Just like with humans, chakras can have a huge impact on your dog's wellbeing, mentally, emotionally and physically - and in fact the different states are all entwined. In this natural healing guide that blends animal health and wellbeing care, you will learn how to decode your dog's behavioral signs and identify the chakras that need attention. Not only will you become more in tune with your dog's emotional wellness, physicality and spirituality, but like the ultimate dog whisperer, you will connect with them on a deeper level and unlock your own innate psychic, intuitive and healing gifts.

A range of step-by-step healing modalities, such as massage, color therapy and crystals, help address shyness, fear, nervousness, aggression, stress and other common conditions, support the healing of injuries or illnesses, and keep your beloved animal companion happy, healthy and waggingly content.