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Cactus Cushion Cinnamon Queen

Cactus Cushion Cinnamon Queen


Sabre Cushions are made from organic agave cactus and the silk produced from the fibres.

Gorgeous textures,handmade/Handloomed uniqueness and vibrant colours which have been hand dyed.

These lovlies are not mass produced therefore you are purchasing a one of a kind item with variations.

I adore the idea of owning a peice of art that has been been lovingly created.

Any imperfections are merely the

Artisans personal signature.

Dry Clean Only...

Zipper enclosure

Measurements Approx 50cm x 50cm


“La Vie en Rose” Blush Pink Cushion

“Ochre Sunset” Rust Cushion

“Tangerine Dream” Faded orange

”Cinammon Queen” Brown Cushion

”Zizi” Lime Green Cushion

“Leila” Pale Green Cushion

”Voyager” Denim Blue Cushion

“Sands of time” Natural cushion

Approx Size: 50cm x 50cm