Beyond The Source Book 2


In Beyond the Source-Book 1 Guy Steven Needler detailed his extended dialogue with our Source Entity, now identified as Source Entity One, and commenced dialogue with Source Entities Two through Six, also created by The Origin.

During these dialogues he gained insights into the wonders and workings of the environments they created, establishing what entities inhabited their environments and how the Source Entities themselves were constructed.

This new book, Beyond the Source-Book 2, concludes these dialogues by focusing on the final six Source Entities, Seven through Twelve.

The information channeled is clearly a progression from that gained in Book 1 and presents new information and concepts about that which exists beyond our multiverse.

Beyond the Source-Book 2 reveals information that is radical in nature and is aimed at expanding mankind's collective incarnate consciousness, facilitating evolutionary progression. Indeed, after reading this book, no one should question the purpose of our existence.