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Anahata Heart Chakra Pendant Silver

Anahata Heart Chakra Pendant Silver


Sterling silver fine chain Necklace featuring engraved Heart Charka symbol and semi precious Amethyst Stone. Available in Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil with an adjustable length of 45cm.

The Anahata Necklace and the Heart Chakra This piece holds the powerful symbols of Anahata chakra supporting the healing of the heart. Allow this symbol to explore the depths of love, compassion, non-attachment and unity we are capable of as humans. Here we have a talisman to remind us to acknowledge and integrate our raw emotions, develop a greater understanding of how our physical and metaphysical beings entwine together and learn to live the powerful qualities of empathy and compassionate truth. Let this necklace guide you as it sits sentinel over your heart.

Veluna is handcrafted with carefully selected high grade gemstones. All gemstones are unique and may have slight variances in colour and characteristics from the shown image. To achieve the maximum potential from the healing powers of the gemstones, all stones go through an energy cleansing and activation process.