Death and the soul's journey to the afterlife are two of the most abstract conceptions we will probably ever ponder. Unlike other books by mediums that are filled with case studies, interviews, stories from clients and retellings of near-death experiences, AFTERWORLD was birthed solely from Scott Alexander King's need to understand that which is essentially impossible to understand. Created from the author's own notes, compiled over many years of listening to others speak on the subject, his own spiritual journey, personal experiences and hundreds of hours of research, AFTERWORLD is unique because he is not a medium. Scott is a semi-regular guy whose head was once filled with questions. After losing loved ones and having no one to turn to find out if the deceased were okay, he achieved personal peace in the answers he consequently discovered and now simply wants to share his vision of the AFTERWORLD with readers in the hope that his findings may help them formulate their own answers to the million-dollar question: 'What happens when we die'