A Mechanic's Guide To Eternity


Preceding the birth of his second child who was born with Spina-Bifida, author Kingsley Warburton had a strong dream alerting him to the forthcoming birth. This experience began a path of inquiry into spiritual worlds, a path he shares in A Mechanic's Guide to Eternity.

Warburton condenses and summarizes some of the core seminal works of religious and spiritual thought during the past two centuries. He offers a concise guide for those who seek spiritual paths but may not have time or access to the vast libraries of thought that exist. A Mechanic's Guide to Eternity justifies the equal contribution of male and female energies in the creation of our worlds. The pattern of husband and wife becoming one unit is a copy of what came before in heaven.

Through a positive and uplifting approach, Warburton shows how the spiritual worlds are alive and well and are encouraging humankind to participate with them. Love is an energy and will nurture and welcome all of the world's people into her embrace.