8 Secrets To Powerful Manifesting


A guide to creating an impactful manifestation practice, including effective tips and techniques by entrepreneur and manifestation trainer Mandy Morris.

Achieve the life you deserve and desire using the tools of the most highly effective manifesters. Manifestation expert Mandy Morris shares eight powerful manifestation secrets based on divine guidance, scientific research, and a decade of work that are fast, effective, and proven.

Mandy will dive into the eight powerful secrets of the most highly effective manifesters that have changed both her own life and the lives of countless clients. In clear detail, she'll demonstrate how mastering these secrets can change anyone's life beyond their wildest dreams, and she'll explain how to remove the mental, emotional, and energetic blocks that stop people from manifesting easily and consistently from a high vibrational state.

You will learn how to-
- Infuse the manifestation process with self-love to help you work through your past, set positive intentions, and create a high vibration for manifestation goals to come true.
- Detangle the dense energy (which impacts the neurological pathways) by understanding why what we want doesn't show up, so we can set a clear path of creation. (Think of an unpaved road with potholes versus a smooth drive to your destination).
- Create ways to energetically check in with yourself.
- Find ways to strengthen self-love.
- Embrace positive, intentional energy in all that you do.
- Manage your psychological triggers with what she calls "pattern interrupts".
- Examine the "rules" you live by and be brave enough to rewrite them.

Throughout the book, she will substantiate her points with personal and client anecdotes, as well as psychology and scientific data.