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Bopo Women Perfume Oil Roller

Bopo Women Crystal Infused Perfume Oil Roller Central Coast



The most exquisite perfume oils!

Crystal infused and so beautiful in their own right

These are perfect as as a light natural perfume alternative and each roller features a crystal roller ball

These also make the perfect gift for that special someone! 

  • Dreamer: For Sleep & Calm. Ft. Dream Amethyst.
  • Aphrodite: For Love & Abundance. Ft. Rose Quartz.
  • Moonchild: For Ease & Flow. Ft. Obsidian.
  • Luminous: Confidence & Inner Strength. Ft. Tigers Eye.
  • Ethereal: For Sensuality. Ft. Clear Quartz.
  • Ember: For Comfort & Security. Ft. Red Jasper